The UK Fleshlight Review

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If you don’t, and you want to find out more, then keep reading…

I find it really hard to review the Fleshlight.

On one hand, it’s a really easy thing to recommend to pretty much any lad, of any age, and of any sexual orientation. After all, we all the feeling of putting our cock in something soft, sensual, and sexy.

But on the other hand, it’s hard to recommend the Fleshlight exclusively when the TENGA Flip Hole Masturbator, or the awesome, super life-like pussy replicas from Utensil Race may actually be the perfect toy for you.

So in this review, I am going to cover all the best bits of the Fleshlight range (of which there are many), and also tell you why you could benefit from going with one of the others from the Big Three.

Maybe you could even combine them to make a sexual tri-force of the ultimate male sex toys.

Anyway, what better way to get introduced to the Fleshlight range than with a whistle stop tour of what a Fleshlight actually is, and why and where did it come from.

Let’s get started. So…

What is a Fleshlight?

You may know all this already – you may even already own a Fleshlight – and if you do, feel free to skip ahead to the next section.

Still reading?


Welcome to Fleshlight 101, as our American cousins would say. And indeed, it’s fitting as the family-owned business behind Fleshlight is straight outta the good, old US of A.

Careful, here comes the science bit: The Fleshlight is a men’s penetrative masturbation aid consisting of two parts:

  1. A sturdy plastic outer casing – ‘disguised’ as a torch, or Flashlight in Americanese, and…
  2. The interchangeable inner insert, of which there are many, but ultimately are designed to model – with varying degrees of accuracy and pleasure – the vagina, arse, and mouth.

Where you would normally find a lens cap at the top of a torch, on the Fleshlight you will find a screw cap which, when unscrewed, reveals your chosen opening, be it pussy, arse, or mouth.

The removable insert (or sleeve), has been designed to perfectly fit the hard plastic outer casing.

The flexible, realistically fleshy insert is completely removable which means it’s nice and easy to clean. The easiest way is to simply stretch the insert entrance or exit slightly to allow running tap water to pass through, keeping it fresh and hygienic after use.

And at the bottom, where you might normally insert the batteries to power your flashlight, you will find the semen capturing container. Or cum capsule. Or spunk bucket. It all depends on how far your mind has sunk into the gutter.

Although somewhat basic – and difficult to change whilst in use – you can adjust the tightness of that bottom screw cap to increase or decrease the amount of suction you encounter when thrusting in and out of your Fleshlight.

I will explain more about this a little later.

And now that you know what a Fleshlight is, you might find it interesting to know a little bit more about how and why it came about. So let’s take a look at…

A history of Fleshlight

The Fleshlight was invented in the mind of Steve Shubin, a former Los Angeles country police officer.

Something’s got to keep a man’s mind occupied whilst the criminals are in hiding, right?

Knowing that an ex-cop created the Fleshlight goes a long way towards explaining why the outer casing looks so much like a torch / flashlight. Shubin was no doubt so used to carrying one every day as he patrolled his beat that the basic shape was pre-etched in his mind.

Having recently discovered his wife was pregnant, Shubin – like so many other men experiencing the same – was looking at a 9 month stint without much sex (if any!).

They say necessity is the mother of all invention, and not wanting to abstain or visit a lady of the night, Shubin began pondering the creation of a life-like vagina substitute that could be discreetly used, covertly cleaned, and then stored for future use without attracting unwanted attention.

Now, the US must pay their police force substantially more money than a similar police constable in the UK, as Shubin was expecting his new idea to set him back approximately 6 months to design and bring to market, and around $50,000 of his money, which he would pay out of his own life savings.

He managed to under estimate on both counts.

The Fleshlight took 18 months to bring to market, and cost a whopping $750,000 in investment to get there.

Thankfully – for both Shubin and the rest of the World’s male population – with over 4 million sold and counting, it turned out to be money well spent.

Well, that just about wraps up my mini history on Fleshlight, but if you want to continue reading, then there is a fair amount more to read on their official forums, and features an interview with Shubin himself.

If this has intrigued you, then you may well now be asking yourself, well…

Why should I buy a Fleshlight?

Back when I first started out buying men’s sex toys online, there really wasn’t a great deal of choice in the matter.

If you wanted a high-quality hands-free masturbation sleeve you either bought a standalone floppy insert that you had to hold with your hands, or you bought a Fleshlight.

Fleshlight were basically the pioneers of this whole insert-in-a-case concept.

At around £65, not only was this expensive but as it was my first toy it was also quite the gamble.

I was by no means the first person to have bought a Fleshlight though – far from it. There were enough people before me to have bought, tried, and subsequently enjoyed their Fleshlights that a good number had left a positive and helpful review of their experiences, over at Lovehoney.

Still, there wasn’t a massive selection to choose from – Mouth, Pussy, or Arse entrances and a small selection of inserts that got progressively tighter. They still sell those inserts today but they are starting to show their age.

I like to read real reviews from real people (that’s the main reason why I ultimately started this site), so having that proof from other like-minded guys really helped convince me that others were buying and enjoying these toys, and I wasn’t their £65 guinea pig.

Thankfully, and as this site attests to, it was money well spent and I have been recommending them to everyone interested ever since.

But if your question is why you should buy a Fleshlight over the challenger to the throne, the TENGA flip hole, or an insert from Japanese uber-detailed insert makers Race Utensil, then it gets a touch trickier.

In my eyes Fleshlight still dominate this marketplace.

They got here first, and by providing a high-end, high-quality product, they have rightly established themselves as the number one brand in the minds of men like you and me.

Since then they have continuously refined, improved, and expanded their range to include replicating the mouths, pussies, and arse holes of a number of very high-profile porn stars, all whilst ramping up the detail and sensations you experience once you slide inside your new Fleshlight girl.

I would say for the majority of men that the Fleshlight should still be your number one sex toy purchase.

And once you’ve tried either the Fleshlight or a TENGA Flip Hole Masturbator, then it’s time to begin experimenting with the super realistic inserts from Utensil Race – and yes you can swap and change your inserts whilst still using the outer casing of your Fleshlight.

One of the most commonly searched terms on Google that brings visitors here is…

Are Fleshlight’s Virgin Friendly?

Yes. Absolutely.

There’s no pressure when you’re using a toy. You can take your time, experiment, and see what works best for you.

And you can rinse and repeat – quite literally – until you are a dab hand, and subconsciously, you will feel more prepared.

Using your Fleshlight will give you confidence for when your first time comes.

Remember, you can keep using your Fleshlight to improve your technique and, given enough time and practice, increase your sexual stamina and even last longer before cumming.

Think of it as the next level of masturbation. Just remember to run your insert under the warm tap before using, to simulate the real feeling of sex even further.

What would my Mrs think if she found my Fleshlight? Are Fleshlight’s easy to hide?

It’s hard for me to answer the first question as I don’t know your missus!

But, if I were you, the answer I would be that it’s no different to her having a dildo or a vibrator.

And wouldn’t she rather you enjoyed your Fleshlight whilst thinking of her, than playing away, or even paying for sex?

Fleshlight’s are simply a convenient alternative method for having sex when your partner is not around, or not in the mood.

Yes, Fleshlight’s are easy enough to hide. The black torch shaped outer casing gives some element of stealth from the untrained eye, and their relatively small dimensions make finding a hiding place not all that difficult.

What are the dimensions of Fleshlight sex toys?

A Fleshlight in its case is about 10 inches from top to bottom, or 26cm if you prefer.

Around the widest section (the entry), you’re looking at a 12inch diameter, or 30cm.

That drops down to around 7.5inch or 20cm at the bottom.

Now, if you are anything like me, that information is somewhat helpful, but what you really want is some real world examples.

Ok, so let’s say the widest bit is about as wide as a new toilet roll. And the Fleshlight itself is 2 ½ toilet rolls stacked on top of each other.

Incidentally, I would advise keeping a toilet roll handy when using your Fleshlight, to clean up any spills.

Another way of looking at it, is your Fleshlight is about as long as a standard shatter-proof ruler that you used to use at school. The full size one’s good for making that funny sound when your prang them off a desk.

And yet another is that is as long as a cucumber you see in a super market.

I hope my real world comparisons are helpful to you!

Help! I’m a first time buyer, which Fleshlight should I order?

The very best advice I can give you as a first time buyer would be to choose the Fleshlight that turns you on.

I wouldn’t advise going for a really tight insert if this is your first time, based on my own experience.

If you’re the kind of person who likes to know many others have tried and tested what you are about to purchase, and you like to read non-biased (hey, I’m non-biased!) reviews, the check out the Pink Lady Fleshlight – which with 193 Lovehoney customer reviews at the time of writing, is your safest bet.

Lovehoney even do video reviews of their more popular products, so be sure you click below and watch that.

Though I would also definitely recommend the Fleshlight Girls range, especially if you have a soft spot for one of the choice of pornstar girls.

Just FYI, the Fleshlight Girls range have the most detailed, nicest inserts I have tried.

Also worth noting is that at present, you can only buy the Fleshlight Girls range complete with their outer casing, though you can buy the ‘older’ inserts as a standalone.

Which sleeve is right for me?

I would advise getting one of the Fleshlight Girls if you need to buy a complete Fleshlight – simply because they are the most detailed and best feeling Fleshlights currently on the market.

However, if you own a TENGA Flip Hole Masturbator or a Fleshlight and are looking for a new insert only – my advice would be to check out the range from Utensil Race, as they fit the Fleshlight casing, but are – in my opinion – much better inserts in terms of sensation and realism.

Which sleeve best simulates real sex?

The Race Utensil range, straight out of the high tech laboratories of Japan, are currently strides ahead of Fleshlight in terms of producing a realistic vaginal replica insert.

However, Fleshlight – from what I can see – aren’t even trying to produce inserts that compete in terms of realism. They are all about sensations and maximum enjoyment designed solely to satisfy your wants and needs, with no requirement to satisfy those of Mother Nature.

These are some cut-away / side on shots of the inserts from Race Utensil, just to give you an idea of their detail.

So really it’s one horse race if you wish for ultra realism.

If you are looking for realism, then make sure you check out Utensil Race.

Remember – you can fit your Race Utensil insert into a Fleshlight casing to get the absolute best of both worlds.

What type of Lube should I use with my Fleshlight?

id-glide-lube-squeeze-bottle-250mlFleshlight themselves recommend a water based lubricant. And they also supply a small sample pack of their lube when you buy a ‘Complete Fleshlight’.

That’s nice and all, but the sample pack will last you two goes at most. And you can’t use your Fleshlight without lube. Unless you want a friction burns in the wrongest of places.

So the lube I heartily recommend is the ID Glide.

It’s good for sex as well as Fleshlight use – and if you buy a decent sized bottle it will last you for ages. It’s false economy to buy small bottles of lube honestly, as primarily you are paying for the packaging, so you might as well just go big and ultimately save more money.

Buy now, only £14.99

What is the difference between the Fleshlight products?

Have you ever seen the “Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares”?

You know, that show where Gordon Ramsay stomps around the kitchen of someone else’s restaurant pointing out everything they are doing wrong. Which is usually quite a lot of things. And involves a whole slew of F words.

Well one thing that Gordon often picks up on is that many restaurants try to do too much with their menu.

And if you’ve seen the amount of different inserts that Fleshlight offer today, you may be worrying that they have gone the quantity over quality.

Let me assure you that this is not the case.

Yes, Fleshlight do have a very wide range of inserts available. But they are not all unique. Rather, they combine various parts to give their range much greater width.

Let me explain:

Say we have the Fleshlight Wonder Wave insert.

On to this, you could have a mouth, pussy, or arse opening.

This gives three potential inserts combinations.

Let’s swap out the Wonder Wave for the Super Ribbed, and now you have another three combinations – giving six combinations in total, yet with only two different internals.

That’s how their range has grown so quickly. Especially when you factor in alternative skin tones – ebony, and see-through ‘ice’.

The Fleshlight Girls range are an extension of this process. The openings are all new, using plaster moulds to get a life like casting of your favourite porn stars mouth, pussy, and ass hole.

Then, once you’re inside, the inserts are all new too. But it doesn’t matter which Fleshlight Girl (or guy for that matter) you go for, you are still picking and choosing from a relatively small, yet high-quality selection, to give their very wide range of combinations.

Just to clarify in case I haven’t been clear enough, if you buy the Jenna Haze Fleshlight Girl Swallow (mouth entry) Fleshlight, or the Stoya Fleshlight Girl Swallow Fleshlight, aside from the opening – or moulding of their mouths – the insert itself will still be the same once you slide inside.

Ultimately it all comes down to which one of the insert catches your eye, and which one gives you that twitch in your pants telling you – that’s the one for me!

Can I change inserts without buying another complete Fleshlight?

Yes, you no longer need to buy a complete Fleshlight any more, as the inserts and cases now sell separately.

It’s still cheaper to buy a complete Fleshlight if this is your first time. But for those of us who own a Fleshlight already, we can just purchase the insert if we now wish.

That said, keeping your insert stored safely and securely inside a case has its advantages – keeping it clean and out of the way from prying eyes being just two of them.

And don’t forget you can use from other manufacturers – Utensil Race in your Fleshlight case.

Tip: Fleshlight Girls have to be bought as a complete Fleshlight, you can’t buy the inserts separately.

Which inserts have you tried, and which was best?

With my job been to run a website about male sex toys I have been fortunate enough to own and review a relatively large number of the inserts available from the Fleshlight range.

But of course I am not made of money. Nor do I have a hotline to Fleshlight HQ allowing me to try any combination of insert that I choose.

So I must stress that my experience is based simply on the inserts that I have tried. This includes:

  • Pink Lady Wonderwave
  • Pink Butt Super Tight
  • Ice Mouth Vortex
  • Fleshlight Girls – Jenna Haze Butt
  • Fleshlight Girls – Jenna Haze Swallow

I would be lying if I said every single one of those hasn’t felt absolutely fantastic.

I’ve mentioned elsewhere in this write-up that if anything the Super Tight was perhaps a little bit on the too tight side for me. I wouldn’t say it’s uncomfortable, but it certainly not my everyday, go-to Fleshlight insert of choice.

As the technology and materials used has increased over the past few years, the quality of the inserts has climbed up to match.

If you haven’t bought a Fleshlight in the past few years but own one of the earlier models, let me tell you that on the newer inserts – specifically the Fleshlight Girls – that the feelings and sensations have gotten even better.

What if I don’t like it, can I get a refund?

Think about this for a second. Would you want to buy a Fleshlight if there was a chance that someone else had used it before you?

No. Of course not.

As with any sex toy, men’s or women’s, if you have used it or removed it from the box then you cannot get a refund.

However, I would be surprised if after using your Fleshlight, that getting a refund even crossed your mind.

Yes, they are quite expensive, but honestly they are so worth it!

When Should I Buy a Fleshlight?

This is a bit of a strange question, but it’s one that I feel should be addressed.

You see, at the point where you wish you had bought a Fleshlight – i.e. when you’re horny as hell – you get yourself into this circular argument, where you’re too horny to be bothered fiddling about finding your credit card and going through the online checkout procedure, but you also kid yourself into thinking you will have your Fleshlight for next time.

I wish I had bought a Fleshlight!

So you now need to make sure that you bought your Fleshlight in advance.

This then puts you in that perfect position of not only enjoying yourself in the here and now, but also gives you something to look forward to for when it arrives.

Believe me, the anticipation of the arrival of your Fleshlight, especially if it is your first male sex toy, will mean the first time you use it will give you an orgasm you remember the rest of your life. At least that’s how I felt.

As with anything you buy online, a little bit of forward planning can go a long way.

Think of it like this: you’re happily enjoying the first series of the excellent TV show 24. You get to hour (or episode) 16. At this point, you really need to order series two, so that when you do reach episode number 24, you can continue watching the new series the very next day.

This will allow eight more days of viewing pleasure, whilst giving Amazon plenty of time to pick and pack your order, dispatch it, and give Royal Mail chance to deliver it.

Okay, that analogy is a little tenuous, as you could technically just get in the car and drive to your local Tesco’s and pick up series two from the DVD section.

But as we both know, Fleshlights and other male sex toys haven’t yet become mainstream enough to occupy an isle in your local supermarket.

And would you even know the location of a local sex shop that sold the exact Fleshlight model that you wanted? And assuming you do, would you even be willing to risk the embarrassment of being seen going in to get it?

And that’s why shopping for mens sex toys online is so much better for the modern man.

My thoughts on the Fleshlight casing

The torch casing was (is?) designed to throw people off the scent as to exactly what might be inside.

The fact is however, that the casing is pretty bulky and a torch that fit in a case that size would contain a bulb strong enough to blind a small town.

Disregarding the fact that it is supposed to look like a torch for one second, and just taking the concept of a rigid, sturdy case to house the soft, fleshy insert, allows you to see why Fleshlight took our market by storm.

Why no one had thought to give their sleeves a solid outer casing before baffles me.

It’s all very well having something you can slip your cock inside of, but if you have to hold the sleeve with one hand, it really restricts the positional possibilities provided to you.

For example, without a hard outer case, if you were to slip the insert between your bed frame and the mattress, you would end up with an experience that was not only far too tight to be enjoyable, but also completely unrealistic.

With a Fleshlight however, the sturdy plastic case can be pushed between two such semi solid surfaces, allowing you to come up with new positions and even going completely hands-free. Not only does this give you a much more realistic experience, but you experience the insert as it was meant to be felt.

If you enjoy a nice hot shower you might even consider the Fleshlight Shower Mount and Flight Adaptor.

And as an added bonus, you can reuse your Fleshlight case to house inserts from Race Utensil.

I own an original Fleshlight, whose pussy is the mould taken from?

If you own one of the original, early models – before the advent of the Fleshlight girls range – then you have been fucking a Los Angeles lap dancer all these years.

She got paid somewhere in the region of $100 per hour to have a mould taken of her pussy, and had to be shaved bare as part of the process – not that hairy muffs were all the rage back in the 90s.

Frightening to think that this unnamed stripper should have her own entry(*) in the Guinness Book of Records for the worlds most fucked pussy (replica).

Not quite the family friendly record though that, more the sort of thing you might find on a late night repeat of Sexcetera.

* – no pun intended

How do Fleshlight inserts compare to those made by Race Utensil, or the Spider?

This is a really good question and one that few people are in a position to answer, simply because few people have tried all three manufacturers’ inserts.

Now I must qualify that previous statement by saying I haven’t tried every possible insert from those three manufacturers (sadly), but I have tried at least one from each.

Being that I am simply one man, I can only give you my personal opinions. But if I were forced to rank them, they would come out as follows:

  1. Utensil Race
  2. Fleshlight
  3. TENGA Flip Hole Masturbator

The reality of it is that there is very little between the inserts from Fleshlight and the TENGA Flip Hole Masturbator. Fleshlight have the edge in that they have a wider range of inserts, making it much easier to find one that exactly fits your requirements.

The Flip hole, at present, only has one insert and whilst it is comparable in build quality to those from Fleshlight, the inner detail just isn’t as good.

For me, personally, I just really enjoy both the textures and the sensations provided by the inserts from Utensil Race. They can be a bit small though.

So to summarise this short section I would say that all three companies have excellent quality inserts if we are talking about the manufacturing, materials, or overall quality. But if there is a specific look, feel, or in detail you are going for, then you can buy with confidence from any of these three manufacturers as they are all making superb replica pussies for you to enjoy.

It simply comes down to the exact need you really need to fulfill.

How tight are Fleshlights?

This depends on which insert you have chosen.

Certain inserts – specifically the Super Tight and the Ultra Tight – are designed, as you can no doubt deduce from their names, to be as tight around your cock as possible.

Personally, I find the Super Tight to be almost uncomfortably tight, requiring a hearty dollop of lube just to get inside, and almost certainly a top up halfway through to keep you going. There used to be one that was even tighter – the Fleshlight Ultra Tight. This is now discontinued, which I take it means I wasn’t alone in thinking (or feeling) this.

The original Fleshlight – “normal” tightness
Fleshlight Super Tight

For an average sized UK male, the ‘standard’ Fleshlight insert sizes will do the job nicely without the risk of spending all that money on something that is going to feel too tight to enjoy.

A good tip here is to try one of the standard inserts if this is your first time, and consider buying a tighter insert in the future.

As I mentioned at the start, the Fleshlight case has the top ‘bulb’ cover as well as the bottom ‘battery’ cover. The main reason the bottom cover is their is to catch your cum when you come.

However, it also has a second use.

By tightening and un-tightening the bottom ring, you can create different levels of suction for your thrusting. And whilst the effect isn’t huge, it does give an element of allowing you to fine tune the overall sensation and tightness of your experience.

I prefer fucking Robots, Vampires, and Aliens. Is there a Fleshlight for that?


I always wondered who they were aimed at.

Just some of the range of strange includes:

So, all this is well and good, but wouldn’t you like to see a nice summary of all that’s been said so far?

Of course you would, so lets look at the…

Pros and Cons of a Fleshlight


  • As close to Sex-On-Demand as most men will ever get
  • Good value compared to its competitors
  • A solid, reliable company that has been around years and truly perfected their product range
  • A very satisfying end user experience 😀
  • Long lasting / well built
  • Can buy separate inserts to extend your enjoyment
  • Can fit inserts from other manufacturers
  • Most of the top pornstars have their own Fleshlight!


  • Inserts not the most realistic
  • Case is quite bulky and can be tricky to hide
  • Shower / surface-sticking adapter is available, but sold separately
  • Need an empty house to fully enjoy yourself when using it

How much do Fleshlight’s cost?

The Fleshlight range has an RRP of £75, though it’s very unlikely you would ever have to pay that much.

Disregarding their recommended retail price (which no one is ever going to pay), what should you expect to pay for your new Fleshlight?

Insert only – £35 to £45

Complete Fleshlight – £30 to £69.99

Fleshlight Girls / Fleshjack Boys – £60 – £69.99

For reference and comparison purposes, a TENGA Flip Hole is £69.99, and Utensil Race inserts start around £64.99.

Fleshlight sell comparatively cheaper simply because they are a huge company in terms of market share, and can reduce their production costs by making large quantities, which in turn means they can make their products available to us cheaper.

What is the Fleshlight Flight?

The Fleshlight Flight is the all new compact Fleshlight, so called because it fits nicely into your luggage to take with you on business trips.

Note – the Fleshlight Flight does not accept existing Fleshlight inserts.

You can read my Fleshlight Flight review right here.

For now, check out the Fleshlight Flight at Lovehoney, the UK’s only stockist that I can find. No bad thing, Lovehoney are awesome.


Where can I buy Fleshlight’s cheapest, and do you know when they are going to come down in price?

I have never known Fleshlight’s to dramatically shift in price.

The original inserts and Fleshlight range are still selling today for a very similar price to those at which they sold five years ago – about £65 for a complete Fleshlight.

So if anything, they are technically getting cheaper, when you adjust for inflation.

I have bought direct from Fleshlight, but usually buy from Lovehoney, as they have free discreet delivery.

However, it’s hard to find coupons or discounts for Fleshlights. I guess they don’t need to discount them as they sell so well.

I have no indication that Fleshlight’s will be coming down in price in the future. The release of the Fleshlight Girl’s range saw slightly more expensive models being introduced, but the older models did not drop in price much as a result.

So really, there is no gain to be had from delaying your purchase at this current time.

Where to buy?

6 thoughts on “The UK Fleshlight Review”

  1. Hi,

    Thanks for taking the time to write such an in-depth review of the Fleshlight vs Spider vs Race Utensil. However, I still have a question which I don’t feel you answered… or maybe you did and I missed it, though I want to ask anyway.

    I want to know what a fleshlight actually feels like once you are inside it. Does it feel like a real woman, like a rubber toy, or a mixture?

    I can see what you mean about the Race Utensil fleshlights being much more details from the cross section picture you have included. From the cross sections of the fleshlights, they look very plain in comparison.

    But my main concern is about the feeling – is it realistic or not?

    Thanks again and please keep up with the site, it’s very informative and helpful to beginners like me.


    • Hi Giffo,

      Thanks for the comment and the feedback, muchly appreciated. Let me try and answer your question – what does a fleshlight actually feel like, once you are inside?

      It feels fantastic. Heh, ok cheesey answer.

      No, really, if you follow their advice and run the insert under warm water for 30-60 seconds, then use plenty of lube, it feels really nice. Heck, even if you don’t run it under hot water, it still feels nice, just initially cold.

      The texture of the ‘flesh’ is hard to describe as I have never come across anything else that’s similar, outside of the sex toy market. It’s soft, squishy, but not overly so. It’s a bit like hard jelly.

      But once you are inside – well, the way I want to describe it is that a Fleshlight is kinda like ‘arcade’ mode, whereas a Race Utensil insert is more like ‘simulation’.

      The Fleshlight range do a really, really good job of pleasing you. If you absolutely must have as close to real life as possible, or you prefer Japanese / Asian girls, go for one of the Race Utensil range.

      In this case, I would say the devil is most definitely not in the detail. It’s in your pants. Let it free 🙂

      I hope that’s answered your question, if not, let me know and I will try harder 😀

  2. Came back to say thank you for recommending Fleshlight. I bought the JEnna Haze fleshlight girls after reading this review and it has not disappointed. Wish I had got one sooner. Its as good as the real thing, real sex that is, not tried real Jena!


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